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Adventure Kai is a 13 year old Fortnite Youtuber With Over 215 Subscribers. He Started His Youtube Account in November 14 2014,He was 9 years old. His IRL Name is Noah you can hear this name in multiple of videos. Noah upload gaming content such as Minecraft,Roblox,Fortnite and Super Smash Bros but has started distancing himself to minecraft after finding out minecraft is Demonic. Now Noah Makes Fortnite Videos For His Fans Enjoyment. Hope you guys enjoy his History

Subscribers Goals

10- unknown

20- unknown




60 - unknown



90- March 4 2017

Channel Trailer 2017 (Updated)

Channel Trailer 2017 (Updated)

100- March 26 2017

110- May 9th 2017

200- December 31 2017

210- February 9 2018

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